《You Just Ran Away》- 雞蛋蒸肉餅


You Just Ran Away

I woke up in the morning
it’s raining outside
the weather’s freezing
but I’m feeling fine

All day long I was hanging
around the old streets and buildings
yesterday and today
yet we don’t look the same

*you ran and ran and ran
I stood still
you ran and ran and ran
but I stood still
you didn’t kill me
didn’t you kill me
that’s why
that’s why

You said it’s suffocating
It’s bleeding outside
and the water’s dripping
but I don’t remember anything

and it’s been half year later
everything seems so alright
yesterday and today
yet we don’t look the same

GDJYB 雞蛋蒸肉餅 簡介

雞蛋蒸肉餅簡稱雞餅或GDJYB,成立於2012年的香港獨立女子樂團,由結他手So­ni、主音Soft、鼓手Hei Hei和和低音結他手YY四人組成。自稱為算術民謠組合,GDJYB的曲風平淡溫柔得­來有點大風,並以Honglish/Cantonglish為創作語言。這道math­-folk小菜不易入口,但願令人回味悠長。GDJYB曾參與多個不同演出,如銀礦灣­音樂節、山寨音樂、Big Night Out,及在Fringe Club、Hidden Agenda等場地舉行小型音樂會。2014年被Time Out Hong Kong Magazine選為城中 “23 New Rising Stars” 其中之一,於9月正式推出首張EP並在蒲吧舉行音樂發佈會。